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The main business of our company is implementing the wind power plants investments in the following scope:


• Measurements of the wind parameters in the areas where wind farms construction is planned;

• Lease of land piece being assigned to wind power plant along with road infrastructure;

• Research and conceptual design studies – preliminary analysis of the feasibility;

• Project environmental elaborations, applications and information cards;

• Conducting and handling the proceedings in the range of deciding on environmental conditions;

• Planning, preparation or amending the Zoning Determinants and Directions Study as well as Local Zoning for municipalities which support investments in Renewable Energy Sources;

• Analysis of spatial development and electric projects and also as-built documentation;

• Planning permissions/planning consents/building permits;

• Obtaining financial support from the European Union funding programmes;

• Organizing the tenders and proposals’ analysis;

• Technical operation, management and financial administration of the wind farms.